Surfing the waves in Santa teresa

The beaches of Santa Teresa are one of the best in Costa Rica to go surfing. The breaks are simply sublime and it’s just perfect to go surfing all year long. The waves are consistent during all the seasons and the weather is mostly always warm. Santa Teresa is a little isolated from the rest of Costa Rica and is not that easily reachable. This makes it a perfect destination to recharge and enjoy this cute little surfer/ yoga village. It’s just a mesmerizing piece of tropical paradise with coconut trees, white sand beaches, blue lagoons, wildlife wonder jungle and enough entertainment to keep you wanting to stay here as long as possible.

There are many great spots in Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Cabuya and Hermosa. There are usually many surfers at these spots starting from 5 am to catch the best waves of the day. Santa Teresa holds many international competitions for surfers and many of the locals here are professional surfers. Even if you never surfed in your life Santa Teresa has many surf teachers around and will teach you the right way to start your surfing life. 


Surf Spots in Santa Teresa

The low currents offer the best time for surfing in Santa Teresa, the waves will be more faster and less messy at this time. There is such a high variety of surf breaks and high swells in the area that will entertain even the most experienced surfer out there. Look for Suck Rock, La Lora (secret spot), Playa Hermosa and Playa Carmen for one of the best surf spots in town.

Suck Rock
Known for its big wave and supreme surf conditions. “Suck Rock” is also known as “Rocamar”.This right-hand point break is the perfect place to be when the swells are large, and it’s known to get hollow at times.

La Lora Surf Spot
This famous spot used to be a secret surfers’ spot, now it’s become one of the most popular places to go. The surf here is consistent and there is a long and beautiful rock-free beach with white sand. Considering that the waves here are very consistent and excellent they often host surf competitions here.

Mar Azul, Malpais
This place is a little outside Santa Teresa. It has a left-hand point break and is situated in the heart of Mal Pais. This place is just breathtakingly beautiful, the color of the ocean, the abundant sea life and view of the rocks, palm trees and valley is just incredibly beautiful. This is also a good spot for when you transition from a white water surfer to a line up one. The waves are pretty easy and less chaotic as in other places making it a safer first real wave ride. 

Playa Hermosa
This beach is just so dreamy and perfect, it’s very wide and large and is lined with coconut trees. The waves are just perfect and the water is translucent. It’s not that crowded as in the other places and is ideal for beginners, but of course also excellent for advanced surfers. There are two excellent surfing spots, a wide beach break on a flat beach and a point break to the north. Be careful for the rocks and enjoy this cute little paradisiac beach.

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen is a a long white sand beach between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Because the riptides here have less power this is a good place for novice surfers. But you still need to be very mindful for the many rocky spots in the water. Make sure you inspect your spot intensely before going in there.



This cute little surf town called Santa Teresa offers the perfect waves and beaches for both novice and expert surfers. This is truly a world renowned surfing area that should be on the top of your list of places to visit. Everywhere you look is true paradise and being here is like being in some heavenly dream. You can go surfing every day, in the morning and around sunset. In between there is enough to do to keep you entertained and fulfilled. There are many surf teachers around, many of them will just pick you up from the villa and bring you to Hermosa for a two hour surf class or will take you on a tour of the area’s best surfing spots. We recommend going every day and see how surfing will change your life! Just ask us to get you a teacher or help you with board rental!

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