Yoga in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa, Malpais and Hermosa have many yoga venues and teachers available to make sure you keep practicing and improving your yoga postures. Almost any hotel, villa or hostel has a yoga shala and an army of yoga teachers. Just about any person here is a yoga teacher. You will have no difficulty finding one that is best suited for your interests. You could even have your own private yoga instructor teaching you from the comfort of the villa. In short, you don’t ever have to worry about finding a yoga teacher while on holiday here!

6 Recommended places to do yoga

We’ve put together a list of 5 beautiful venues and excellent teachers to go to when in Santa Teresa. Don’t forget that you can have any yoga style you want. There is Iyengar yoga, flow, hatha, arial yoga, ashtanga and so much more. 

Casa Zen

This really sweet hostel right on the beach has a nice yoga shala. You are surrounded by big trees where a big family of howler monkeys live. You can hear the waves crashing while you are slowly relaxing in a yoga position. The teachers are experienced and know how to accommodate to your specific needs. They teach all the major yoga styles. 

Fuego Lodge

This place is very central and has a cute yoga shala, there is also a swimming pool and a small restaurant. It’s definitely a little oasis in the busy city centre. They have some excellent teachers there and they offer all sort of yoga styles; flow, Hatha, yin, ashtanga and much more. Just check their website to see when and what they’re teaching.

Pranamar Villages

This place is a little out of town and is closer to Hermosa. The structure of the yoga shala is probably the most beautiful one in the area. It’s Indonesian style inspired, has a high ceiling and the material is exquisite. It’s practically on the beach and there is also an ocean side restaurant and bar where you can relax after your class. 


Horizon is a beautiful hotel in Santa Teresa overlooking the ocean. Next to an incredible restaurant, amazing view and beautiful architecture, Horizon has a magnificent Yoga Shala. Imagine doing powerful healing asanas while overlooking the ocean or being bathed in an orange light during the magical sunsets. The whole room just becomes this amazing colored yoga shala during sunsets.  

Horizon also puts a lot of emphasis on the practice of yogic breathing exercises, known as pranayama. Revitalize your body and control your mind, become calm and refreshed, and gain clarity, mental power and focus.

Horizon’s daily yoga classes are instructed by professional teachers. They offer:

  • Hatha Flow
  • Core Yoga
  • Vinyasa

Horizon caters to all levels and special prenatal yoga classes and massages can also be coordinated at this awesome venue!

funky monkey

This place is great for arial yoga. The silks are very high and the setting is beautiful. It’s a lovely wooden shala a little bit higher up giving you a nice view on the green jungle and flowers there. We really recommend going there if you want to try out Arial Yoga, the teacher there is very experienced and it’s just magnificent watching her do crazy moves high up in the air. A good tip would be to schedule private classes with her to improve tremendously in a short amount of time.


At Indigo they have a magical gathering space where a variety of styles of Yoga are practiced. They have classes with a blend of Iyengar, Vinyasa flow , Aerial Yoga and silks. These Yoga forms build strength and endurance while instilling a flow of energy that leads to balance and harmony. They invite you to leave the stress & anxiety behind and explore with them the oneness with self and enlightenment that can be found through yoga and healthy living.


You will definitely have no difficulties finding the right class or teachers to enhance your yoga practice. Santa Teresa has many excellent teachers and the places made for yoga here can be really beautiful. Having a private teacher coming to the villa is also a great way to start or end the day. We highly recommend trying out the Silk yoga, it’s just an incredible tool to help you stretch more than you could ever do on your own, and the sensations of doing inversions or drops are just out of this world. Another great tip would be checking out the Iyengar classes, you will feel better than you have ever felt before. They really know how to perfectionize your alignment and take care of all your inner and outer pains. And even if you don’t go to a place to practice with a teacher, the beach makes for the most perfect place to be in union with your body, mind, soul and the universe. 

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